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Why Do I Need an EMF Expert?

Why can't I just order a meter and do my own EMF readings?

While I do recommend that everyone own a good quality basic meter (such as the TriField TF2), taking accurate readings and effectively mitigating EMF exposure is not as simple as it seems. EMF is a complex topic, and the internet is loaded with misinformation that can cause confusion. It's possible to make matters worse while trying to make them better.

You must know where to look, what to look for, how to interpret meter readings, how to compare them with precautionary guidelines, and how to reduce emissions or shield yourself from various forms of EMF.

Cheap meters are often inaccurate, and can give the user a false sense of security. No one meter can read all frequencies and power densities. Even with the proper meter for the job, one must understand how to use it and recognize its limitations. Without a solid understanding of the science of electromagnetism, the common sources of EMF, and how to effectively deal with them, it's not easy to be assured that your exposure levels are as low as you would like them to be.

There is much that can be done to reduce your EMF exposure without even owning a meter. Eliminating or distancing yourself from known sources goes a long way toward protecting you. In the case of sensitive populations, such as children, pregnant women, those with EHS, and the elderly or infirm, much more can be done to assure the lowest levels of EMF possible.

In some cases, tracing the sources of EMF can take a fair amount of detective work. Magnetic and electric fields from power lines, home wiring, and appliances have been with us for decades. Wiring errors and ground currents are surprisingly common and can create magnetic fields in excess of 3 mG, which have been linked to leukemia since 1979, and many more ill effect since then (such as depression, suicide, and neurological disorders).

Sources of radio frequency and microwave radiation from wireless devices are multiplying constantly. Protecting your health from the biological effects takes knowledge and often changes in behavior.

EMF is a serious matter, and if you care for your health and your family, it's wise to do all you can to lessen your exposure now - since many studies suggest that (just like X-rays) non-ionizing radiation exposure is cumulative. Everyone has their own limit before they feel the effects, but once you do, it can be a challenge to regain your health.

Protect yourself today. Educate yourself. Hire an expert. It's worth the peace of mind.

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